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Fee and Fee Arrangements

Our fee is $120.00 to $150.00 per session. Sessions are between 45 and 60 minutes in length. We reserve the right to periodically adjust fees. You will be notified of any fee adjustments in advance. In addition, this fee may be adjusted by contract with insurance companies, managed care organizations, or other third-party payors, or by agreement with your therapist. Payments should be made payable by check to The Little Village, Inc. and are due at the time when services are rendered.


You are responsible for any and all fees not reimbursed by your insurance company, managed care organization, or any third-party payor. You are responsible for verifying and understanding the limits of your coverage, as well as your co-payments and deductibles.

The Little Village, Inc. is a contracted provider with several insurance companies and have agreed to a specified fee. You should contact your insurance company to determine if we are a preferred provider for your particular plan. We are unable to do this step for you. This is far easier for you to do as you know your social security number, birth date, and group number which is often necessary information to determine your exact benefits. If you intend to use the benefits of your health insurance policy please inform us prior to starting therapy.

Cancellation Policy

You are responsible for payment of the agreed upon fee for any missed sessions(s). You are also responsible for payment of the agreed upon fee for any session(s) for which you fail to give us at least 24 hour notice of cancellation. Cancellation notice should be left on The Little Village, Inc. voice mail at 530 470-6060. Missed appointments are payable by the client, and your insurance company will not pay for your missed appointments.


For written reports, there will be a charge based upon our hourly rate. A minimum fee of one hour is charged for all reports. Please notify us immediately if you think you will need a psychotherapist for court testimony. Court rates are $200/hour and are to be paid in full prior to the court date based upon the number of hours needed. Half days are $1000 and full days are $1400 and are also payable in full ten days prior to the court date.

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